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Carol's NEW reels!

June 27, 2013

Carol has a fabulous new commercial reel (both RP and Northern) which show off her range of deliveries from confidential and seductive RP to informative and conversational Northern. Great Characters!


Carol Starks

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A dreamy, warm & soothing voice. Good range of deliveries from sensual & seductive to giggly teenagers. Native northern but natural RP. Strong singer.


25-35 and 35-45


Canadian, French, Irish, Italian, Liverpool, Manchester, Newcastle / Geordie, Northern, Scots, South African, Standard English / R.P., Standard U.S., Welsh, West Country, and Yorkshire

Listen to Carol Starks:

RP Showreel 2013
Northern Showreel 2013
Commercial Showreel (RP & Northern, Full Length)

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