Shelley Longworth

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Fabulously versatile with amazing range -  soft & dreamy, cheeky kids & enthusiastic, smiley promos. Native northern but natural RP & great US. Hugely experienced animation.


Kids, Teenage, 18-25, and 25-35


Liverpool, London, Manchester, Newcastle / Geordie, Northern, Standard English / R.P., Standard U.S., Yorkshire, Lancashire, and Midlands

Listen to Shelley Longworth:

Promo reel
Animation reel
Daily Mirror - US accent, poppy, upbeat
Babyliss - cute, fun, young
McCain - nothern, comic, ladette
More - confident, sassy
Nintendogs - perky, informative
Skinbliss - straight, confident, factual
Wink Bingo TV - cute kitten & upbeat end line.


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