Rabbit Boys


Adewale Akinnuoye-Agbaje

Deep, rich, raw and real. Born in Nigeria but raised in Essex - best known as Mr Eco in Lost. Perfect US and UK accents


Matt Allwright

Reassuring, confident and direct. Great natural sell.


Ant and Dec

'I'M A CELEBRITY... GET ME OUT OF HERE' & 'BRITAINS GOT TALENT'. Warm, cheeky, native Geordies. Hugely recognisable.


Dougie Anderson

Natural, cheeky, chatty and quirky. An honest believable Scottish voice with a great energy and likability. Ranging from warm and smiley to dry and ironic. Native Edinburgh.


Owain Arthur

A gorgeously smiley and husky Welsh voice! Great cheeky reads and conversational narratives.


Charlie Baker

Naturally comedic and conversational, Charlie has a slightly husky, warm tone. Brilliant comedy reads and fabulous characters. Take a listen to his duo reel with wife Sam Battersea! RP & West Country.


Ali B

Natural & friendly with a warm and husky delivery. Good hard or soft sell. Great promos & warm, conversational straight reads.


Hairy Bikers

BBC - Hugely popular chefs with recognisable fun & engaging voices.


Daniel Brocklebank

A natural, intelligent & very clear voiceover artist with an enormous range of accents & characters.


Ian Camfield

XFM. Deep & confident with dry undertones. Intelligent natural reads & fantastic gravitas for music promos.


Mark Chapman

BBC Five Live. An exceptionally good voice with approachable, natural & conversational reads. Brilliant at bringing personality to narration. A great voice for promos & idents


Enzo Cilenti

Native northern. Ranges from suave sophistication to nutty hardsell. Great comedy.


Al Convy

Native Scottish but with fantastic accents. A rich, reliable, conversational voice.


Ifan Huw Dafydd

A warm and gravelly Welsh voiceover. Engaging and conversational with humorous undertones.


Tim Dann

CITV & CBBC. An extremely versatile & talented voice over artist with a huge imagination & a broad range of reads, from wacky characters & cheeky animation to cool, laid back street. Also writes & directs.


Richard David-Caine

A naturally comedic easy delivery, with a great imagination. Richard is a member of the critically acclaimed musical and sketch comedy group Four Screws Loose (New Act of the Year Finalists)


Ben Davies

An exceedingly versatile voice with a fantastic ear for accents & great range from deep, gravelly film trailers to creative characters. With an enormous amount of experience in all genres, he is a joy to work with.


Simon Paisley Day

Intelligent with a rich timbre. Incredibly versatile. A real professional who takes direction brilliantly. Sincere straight reads, wonderful narratives.


Tim Dutton

Confident & deep with a reassuring warmth. Naturally conversational.


Danny Dyer

The Ultimate recognisable cockney geezer!


Jamie East

A really good Bloke. Great natural reads ranging from boy-next-door to sexy and persuasive. Good comedic timing and all round hilarity! Great to work with.


Matt Edmondson

Matt Edmondson Show Radio 1 - weekend mornings 10am-1pm. Former T4 presenter. ITV2: Fake Reaction & Totally Bonkers Guinness World Records. Exciting, young, upbeat & friendly voice with comedic undertones. Great comic script writing skills.


Rick Edwards

A naturally laid back, conversational London lad with wry undertones.


Steve Ellington

A laid back, funky London voice with a streetwise edge. Naturally cool.


Will Ellis

A warm and conversational chap next door. Bright and informative to humorous and upbeat reads. Very natural.


Matt Everitt

BBC 6 Music Breakfast Show and music journalist. A natural voice with easy confidence & gravitas. Versatile reads ranging from bloke-next-door to intelligent & informative.


Joseph Fiennes

Joseph is best known for FLASH FORWARD, SHAKESPEARE IN LOVE, ELIZABETH AND ENEMY AT THE GATES. An intelligent, husky, stylish and dynamic voice.  Originally from Wiltshire. (In conjunction with The Artists Partnership)


Rob Fitch

Clear, warm and stylish. Very natural straight reads and intelligent storytelling.


Seb Fontaine

Husky, warm & very, very natural. Great documentary style.


Thomas Ford

Warm, bright and very natural. Thomas is a member of the critically acclaimed musical and sketch comedy group Four Screws Loose (New Act of the Year Finalists).


Carl Fospero

US and incredibly versatile. Deliveries range from straight and intelligent to utterly insane. Excellent characters. Brilliant for promos and animation, in fact, brilliant for anything that requires a US voice!


Ashton Frank

Clear, bright and smiley. Great US accents.


Hugh Fraser

Classy & smooth with occasional sardonic undertones. Informative & direct to soothing & seductive. Excellent corporate.


Nick Frost • NEW

Naturally cheery and conversational, Nick is an extremely talented actor with many voices and characters up his sleeve.


Steve Furst

'Versatile' does not do this man justice. Incredible characters both comedic and straight. In fact there isn't much he cant do!


Vic Galloway

A lively Scotsman. Warm, reassuring, dry and punchy! Ranges from high energy to chilled and melodious


Adam Garcia

Native Australian. Great range from upbeat & punchy to naturally soft & informative. Brilliant US.


Alan Gilchrist

Native Geordie - strong accents or a soft lilt. Reassuring, warm & intelligent with excellent documentary skills & wonderful characters.


Andrew Greenough

Warm, smooth & informative with gently deep gravitas. Fantastic character reads as well as calm documentary deliveries. Native West Country but natural RP.


Nick Grimshaw

'RADIO 1 Breakfast Show & E4 Music' Native Manchester. Confident & cool with a naturally dry delivery.


James Hillier

An easy going, friendly, upbeat voice with a London edge. Great comedic deliveries and laid back documentaries.


Sam Hoare

A believable, honest and reassuring voice. Ranging from soft and sincere to chatty and upbeat. Lovely characters and narration.


Eamonn Holmes

Credibility and versatility are what you get with Eamonn Holmes, one of the most recognized voices in British broadcasting.


Colin Hoult

Native Nottingham with a vast array of regional accents too. Colin has a warm and conversational voice with a great sense of humour and brilliant comic timing.


Anthony Howell

Intelligent, subtle and confidential with a smooth and sexy edge. Great natural chatty reads with dramatic gravitas!


Marvin Humes • NEW

Young, urban with cool gravitas. Recognisable to a huge audience.


Jake Humphrey

BT Sports - A recognisable clear & natural, friendly voice. Honest, reassuring & believable.


Greg James

'Radio 1' Young and warm with cool gravitas.


Darren Jeffries

Cheeky chappy, naturally confident and comedic. Great for music commercials and promos alike.


Danny John-Jules

Extraordinary range of deliveries & characters. Great Caribbean accents. Incredible depth for film trailers & promos.


Alex Jordan

A Master of Impressions! See it to believe it. Click on the YouTube link on his page. Great young voice for straight reads


Elliott Jordan

A young, naturally conversational & friendly boy-next-door.


Vernon Kay

An energetic, cheerful and recognisable Northern voice. Great for pop promos, good storyselling.


Shaun Keaveny

BBC 6 Music. A naturally conversational, friendly Lancashire boy with very dry & amused undertones.


Roman Kemp • NEW

Roman has a bright and friendly voice with an easy natural-read and a wealth of characters and impressions up his sleeve! Naturally RP but great US accents as he lived in LA for 8 years.


Hugh Kermode

Warm, intelligent & clear with a great line in characters & accents. Excellent straight corporate & empathetic documentary reads. .


Patrick Kielty

A true natural. Great conversational reads. Range from boy next door to high energy. Wonderful comedic timing and hilarious characters. Brilliant impressions. A recognisable Northern Irish voice.


James Lance

A reassuring, sincere and comforting voice. Lovely natural, conversational reads. Ranges from real, clear & honest to husky, smooth & sophisticated! Well known comedy actor.


Keith Lemon

The irrepressable star of Celebrity Juice.


Bill Leslie

SKY sports reporter. Stylish & confident delivery; punchy promos to warm & intelligent documentary/narratives. A truly versatile voice.


Matt Littler & Darren Jeffries

Two cheeky chappies who will work as a duo or on their own. Naturally confident and comedic. Great for promos, narration and basically anything that needs a voice!


Ralf Little

A wonderful range of very 'non voiceover' deliveries - warm & confidential, upbeat & enthusiastic and gently authoritative. Hugely experienced.


Matt Littler

Bright sounding with warm conversational tones. A fun sounding boy next door that's great for young promos and music commercials.


Adam Long

U.S. A brilliantly inventive voice. Fantastic high speed deliveries, huge range of characters & accents.


Adam Longworth

One of a kind - an amazingly versatile voice with incredible energy for promos, cool straight reads, fantastic impressions & a great sense of humour. Perfect U.S. too.


Dorian Lough

Gorgeously deep, husky & engaging with relaxed gravitas.


Zane Lowe

'RADIO 1 & MTV2'. Unmatchable energy & enthusiasm, friendly straight reads. He's one in a million! Native N.Z.


Ashley Margolis

Young, conversational and very natural. Lovely comedic timing and characters. Good range of deliveries. Soft Mancunian but natural RP too.


Nathaniel Martello-White

A Londoner with a fresh gravelly urban voice. Great range of accents too.


Paddy McGuinness

Native Bolton. Warm, friendly and familiar. Please call the office for voice clips.


Tim McInnerny • NEW

Wonderfully smooth and relaxed with gravitas, hugely experienced, and a true one take wonder. Tim is well known for a multitude of film and TV roles and of course as Captain Darling in Blackadder series.


Oliver Milburn

A versatile, warm & intelligent voice with easy authority. Great ranges from cool and edgy to bloke next door.



Radio 1 and Radio 1 Xtra. Originally from Nottingham, Mistajam has a warm, husky and punchy voice with great conversational reads too.


Nick Moran

An original Londoner. Best known for LOCK STOCK AND TWO SMOKING BARRELS


Tom Moriarty

A deep sexy voice with huge gravitas. Naturally stylish reads ranging from edgy to pure sophistication.


Trevor Nelson

'1 XTRA and RADIO 2'. An urban, London voice with easy authority. Ranges from smoothly chilled to confidently upbeat.


John Nettleton

Mature, deep & authoritative, ranging from soft & reassuring to direct & informative. Wonderful narratives - great storytelling.


James Norton • NEW

Originally from London and lived in Yorkshire for some time, James has a young, crisp and very natural sounding voice. Best known for his roles in Grantchester, Happy Valley and, currently, Life in Squares.


Paul Panting

One of the stars of The Octonauts, Paul is a unique vocal talent. Stylish & confident reads ranging from conversational & comedic to mature & authoritative, with a wealth of animation & character voices thrown in.


Craig Parkinson

Exceptionally good! Believable, versatile & natural. A huge range from smooth to punchy. Great hard and soft sell. Native Lancashire


Andi Peters

A reassuringly warm, cheerful and bright voice.


Lee Potter (aka Killa Kela)

A young, urban & unique voice with great energy for promos & music ads. Extraordinary beatboxing & vocal scratching.


Rob Rackstraw

One of the stars of Octonauts, Bob the Builder and several other BAFTA winning shows, Rob is the Swiss Army Knife of voices; super versatile and razor sharp. Great timing, great range, own hair and teeth.


Toby Ralph

Husky, smiley and very natural!


Steffan Rhodri

Originally from Swansea, Steffan has a gravelly, warm voice. Known for his role in the hugely popular GAVIN AND STACEY. (In conjunction with The Artists Partnership)


Alex Riley

Presenter of Britain's Really Disgusting food on BBC3 - hailing from Sheffield a natural, warm conversational delivery with comedic undertones. Also presented The Comedy Club on BBC Radio 7. Great documentary voice!


Alexis Rodney

An exciting, young and upbeat voice. Great reads ranging from urban/street to clear/informative. Excellent for promos and idents. Amazing characters


Tim Samuels

Warm, intelligent and gently wry. Tim is an award-winning documentary film-maker and broadcaster who finds provocative ways to bring serious issues to entertaining life, sometimes with a touch of subversion - and always with warmth.


Andrew Scott

MORIARTY in the BBC's critically acclaimed 'SHERLOCK'. Native Irish. A smooth, deep & conversational voice with accents ranging from upbeat Belfast to lilting Galway. An informative, imaginative & very natural delivery.


Martin Shaw

GEORGE GENTLY & JUDGE JOHN DEED. A stylish, rich and recognisable voice. Originally from Birmingham but perfect RP.


Ben Shephard

A recognisable, warm, friendly approachable voice. Naturally chatty and upbeat.


Cristian Solimeno

Very versatile with naturally sexy gravitas. Ranges from naturally conversational, to emotional and thoughtful, to upbeat and urban.


Ceallach Spellman

FRIDAY DOWNLOAD. Young, fresh, upbeat and incredibly versatile with a northern lilt. Native Mancunian


Craig Stevens

Bright, friendly and a little bit cheeky! Great range from naturally conversational to cool music ads.


Ken Stott

THE HOBBIT. A widely recognisable Scottish voice with an incredibly distinctive, gravelly tone. A absolute legend to work with.


David Suchet

Deep, elegant and clear with wonderful gravitas. Great range of accents. The original Poirot


Louis Suc

Bright smiley and full of character! Louis is playing the role of Edward in Mike the Knight.


Eddy Temple-Morris

XFM. A warm enthusiastic & conversational voice with dry undertones. A true professional with huge experience.


David Thewlis

Best known for his role as Remus Lupin in the Harry Potter series, David is one of the UK's greatest character actors. Native Lancashire. In association with The Artist Partnership.


Richard David-Caine and Thomas Ford

Richard and Thomas are members of the critically acclaimed comedy group Four Screws Loose. Their unique style comprises of wildly exuberant, pop culture-obsessed silliness intercut with high-energy songs and musical mash-ups.


John Thomson

Native Northern. An amazingly versatile comedic talent, with incredible character voices & accents. An excellent scriptwriter & impressionist.


Rob Thorne

He's your proper Cockney! Deep, distinctive and very natural.


Oliver Tobias

A deep, rich and intelligent delivery with a relaxed confident air. The gravelly 'Voice of God'!! Fluent German


Ivan Tregear

A very clear read with good range from serious and direct to excitable and fun! Ivan is currently playing the character 'Zack' in the new Nick Jr animation 'Zack and Quack'


David Wartnaby • NEW

A versatile English voiceover specialising in commercials, corporate, promos, narration, live announcing and imaging. Whether cut-through and commercial, journalistic and considered or gentle and authentic - David delivers. A one-take wonder.


Tam Williams

Young & friendly with good range from upbeat & enthusiastic to thoughtful & laid-back. A natural chatty boy next door.


Rufus Wright

Intelligent and warm with dry undertones. Great range from informative through to humorous reads, with a huge number of accents and characters. He is a pleasure to work with!


Alex Wyndham

A warm, upbeat, intelligent and charming voice. A huge range of deliveries from natural and informative to dramatic and sincere. A must for all your voice-over needs!


Reggie Yates

RADIO 1 - London voice, young, lively, urban & cool - from street edgy reads to upbeat & bouncy.

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