Rabbit Documentary

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Dougie Anderson

Natural, cheeky, chatty and quirky. An honest believable Scottish voice with a great energy and likability. Ranging from warm and smiley to dry and ironic. Native Edinburgh.


Ali B

Natural & friendly with a warm and husky delivery. Good hard or soft sell. Great promos & warm, conversational straight reads.


Max Beesley

A warm, husky & natural Mancunian with broad range - sexy soft sells to punchy & fast paced. Great RP too.


Daniel Brocklebank

A natural, intelligent & very clear voiceover artist with an enormous range of accents & characters.


Ian Camfield

XFM. Deep & confident with dry undertones. Intelligent natural reads & fantastic gravitas for music promos.


Enzo Cilenti

Native northern. Ranges from suave sophistication to nutty hardsell. Great comedy.


Al Convy

Native Scottish but with fantastic accents. A rich, reliable, conversational voice.


Alan Gilchrist

Native Geordie - strong accents or a soft lilt. Reassuring, warm & intelligent with excellent documentary skills & wonderful characters.


Mary Healey

Warm, sensual & mature with amazing characters & accents. Wonderfully versatile voiceover artist. Native northern.


Caroline Loncq

A wonderfully conversational voice with rich & smoky undertones. Broad range from smoothly seductive to easily authoritative. Fluent French.


John Nettleton

Mature, deep & authoritative, ranging from soft & reassuring to direct & informative. Wonderful narratives - great storytelling.


Mary Portas

A hugely distinctive voice. Persuasive and natural reads


Alexis Rodney

An exciting, young and upbeat voice. Great reads ranging from urban/street to clear/informative. Excellent for promos and idents. Amazing characters

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