Rabbit Girls


Alice Arnold

The legendary voice of Radio 4 and The Shipping Forecast. A reassuring, clear and intelligent voice with smokey undertones. Beautiful narration, and stylish corporate and documentary reads.


Lorraine Ashdown

Warm, smiley and gently husky. Laid-back soft sells & up beat promos.


Zawe Ashton

MISFITS & FRESH MEAT - A young londoner with an ability to switch from gritty and urban to warm, smooth and refined


Juliet Aubrey

PRIMEVAL & OUTCASTS. BAFTA winner. A lovely warm, soft and reassuring voice. Ranges from intimate to informative.


Clare Balding

The nation's favourite! Recently voted 'most popular accent', Clare has a warm, authoritative and clear voice.


Alex Barker

A clear, natural & friendly voice, ranging from gently informative to softly confidential.


Sam Battersea

An exceptional talent with wonderful comedic timing. Huge range of reads from soft and motherly to exciting, inspiring and fresh. Native Northern but great RP too. Brilliant 'real' characters and lovely storytelling.


Charlotte Beaumont • NEW

A young and bright voice, with a London edge. Naturally RP but great with accents


Elisa Berkeley • NEW

US. Elisa has a deep, soothing, well-spoken American voice with a neutral accent. She is also fluent in French, German and Italian.


Edith Bowman

RADIO 1 & 6Music. A recognisable native Scottish voice. Good clear & informative delivery with deeper tones.


Julia Bradbury

A husky natural and recognisable voice. Great range of reads from chatty girl next door to sexy siren! Great narration too.


Cassie Bradley • NEW

Native Nottingham with great RP. Cassie has a wide range of deliveries from cheeky to comedic to streetwise.


Ruth Bratt • NEW

Friendly, warm and welcoming, extremely versatile and a joy to work with! Brilliant comic timing. Ruth is a fabulous script writer and a versatile character actress with an innate flair for comedy.


Charlotte Brimble

A young, fresh, sassy, sexy girl. Great reads from straight to street.


Myanna Buring

'DOWNTON ABBEY' & 'RIPPER STREET'. Myanna was born in Sweden, grew up in the Middle East and has lived in London since she was 16. Clear, bright and slightly husky, she has a quirky quality to her accent. Very natural! In conjunction with Ken Mcreddie.


Josephine Butler

A warm, deep & stylish voice ranging from upbeat & sexy to dramatic & informative. Good natural chit chat.


Olivia Caffrey

IRISH - Soft, clear & sing song with natural comedic undertones


Clare Calbraith

A Cheshire lass with a fabulous range of accents including Lancashire and Geordie. With warm, perky and natural reads covering sexy lady to girl next door!


Lara Cazalet

A bright, calm & very natural voice with good range from bubbly promos to reassuring straight reads.


Adelaide Clemens

PARADES END and THE GREAT GATSBY. A wonderfully versatile young actress - bright, smiley with a slightly quirky edge. Native Australian with confident RP and US accents.


Fearne Cotton

RADIO 1 - Young, sparky & cheekily sexy. Very, very natural London.


Sorcha Cusack

Velvety, molten, smooth and recognisable. Amazing Irish accents and characters. Perfect RP


Tess Daly • NEW

Tess is originally from Stockport in Cheshire and has a warm, engaging and instantly familiar voice with deeper tones.


Susan Earl

A hugely versatile voice - fabulously energetic characters, great regional accents & conversational natural reads. Brilliant comedic timing.


Abbie Eastwood

A light, soft & bubbly voice, bursting with fresh enthusiasm. A gorgeous one take wonder!


Emilija Ellen

Native Croatian. Light bright and sexy. Good for that slightly quirky English read!


Paloma Faith

An amazing songstress with a sassy, molten, sexy & quirky voice. Lovely characters and narration


Jenni Falconer

Familiar, warm & approachable Scottish voice with upbeat and natural tones.


Susannah Fielding

An amazing character actress with a fresh, uplifting and happy voice. Naturally RP but great with accents and works as US frequently.


Francesca Fospero

Bright, smiley and very clear, Francesca has a naturally RP voice but is great at US accents too.


Baylee Frank

Baylee is bright, clear and smiley. Great US accents. Baylee is currently voicing the character 'Skip' in the new Nick Jr animation 'Zack and Quack'


Ariana Fraval

An Infectious voice that's young, fresh and kooky! Lovely natural chatty reads and fantastic characters! Both US and UK accents.


Anna Friel

Anna is best known for her roles in PUSHING UP DAISIES, PERFECT STRANGERS & WAR BRIDE


Beth Goddard

Soothing, refined and natural with warm informative tones. In conjunction with The Artists Partnership.


Holly Goss

Young, evocative, soothing, intelligent & calm. Lovely characters and accents. Great narrative and imaginative reads


Angela Griffin

Northern. Warm, friendly & very conversational. Wonderfully approachable!


Amy Griffiths

A believable, natural & persuasive voice. Amazing singer. Native Welsh with excellent RP & West Country.


Sienna Guillory

A very natural, easy delivery. Ranges from dreamily seductive to girlishly innocent. Charming characters.


Maria Hamer-Jensen

Generic US with natural huskiness. Great vocal range from youthful girl next door to flirtatious, sultry and smooth


Jessica Hann

A lovely, bright girly voice. Good for kids and young teenage. Jessica has played Evie in 'Mike the Knight' from the start of the show, so has lots of experience in animation.


Zoe Hardman

A naturally warm & friendly voice with husky undertones.


Willow Harrison • NEW

Chirpy and smiley with a little bit of huskiness. Very natural and lots of fun.


Gemma Harvey

Young, bright, cheeky & very natural. Native Cheshire but all Northern accents & good RP. Great animation experience.


Charlotte Hawkins

Warm, clear and stylish. Charlotte is a presenter on the ITV breakfast television programme Good Morning Britain, alongside Susanna Reid, Ben Shephard and Sean Fletcher. The show is on weekday mornings from 6-8.30am.


Cherry Healey

Conversational with a slightly husky tone. warm and friendly, and very natural.


Mary Healey

Warm, sensual & mature with amazing characters & accents. Wonderfully versatile voiceover artist. Native northern.


Kate Heavenor

Native Scottish. Young, bubbly & fresh - a lovely, smiley, singsong voice.


Katie Hillyer

Wonderful natural range from persuasive & sexy to confident, chatty girl next door. Experienced documentaries.


Ivana Horvat

A friendly girl-next-door, with light husky tones & a relaxed air.


Laura Jackson • NEW

Native Yorkshire, Laura has a warm smiley girl-next-door quality to her voice.


Sue Johnston

A hugely familiar, soft, honest and believable voice. Fabulous characters and accents. great northern and RP


Lesley Joseph

The ultimate husky recognisable voice. Best known for BIRDS OF A FEATHER


Belinda Lang

A nationally acclaimed actress with a large range of deliveries, from soothing & motherly to conversational hard sells. Wonderful comedic timing.


Amy Lennox

Native Scots. Sweet, clear and warm with brilliant US and UK reads too. Amy is a talented actor and singer too and has appeared in numerous musicals and plays.


Alice Levine

Naturally bubbly, a clear and fresh voice. Originally from Nottingham.


Gabby Logan

Dedicated and professional with a fantastic sense of humour, Gabby Logan is one of the UK’s premier broadcasters. Please call the office for info on Gabby as we are currently working on a reel with her.


Caroline Loncq

A wonderfully conversational voice with rich & smoky undertones. Broad range from smoothly seductive to easily authoritative. Fluent French.


Jen Long • NEW

Husky, natural and bright, with a little bit of quirkiness. Jen is the voice of BBC Three and presents BBC Introducing on Radio 1.


Lucy Lowe

A young, versatile, fresh voice. Fantastic accents and characters


Annie Mac

Annie takes control of the Friday 7pm slot on Radio 1! Native southern Irish. Young, vibrant & naturally informative reads, & perfect pop promos.


Katharine Mangold • NEW

US. Naturally warm and engaging with a great range from sultry and seductive to bright and bubbly.


Davina McCall

Warm, approachable, smiley and hugely recognisable.


Miquita Oliver

'C4/T4'. A cheekily husky & infectious younger voice. Good smiley reads with bags of confidence.


Jojo Percival

A versatile talent, young bright & very natural. Upbeat & friendly promos, cheeky characters & charming storytelling. Fluent French.


Toni Phillips

CAPITAL FM. A confident, young & very natural voice. Slightly husky undertones. Good range from sexy to straight forward.


Mary Portas

A hugely distinctive voice. Persuasive and natural reads


Jess Robinson

Jess has a lovely clear and warm RP voice with a cheeky smile. She is also an incredible impressionist, and fantastic singer and all round fantastic multi-talented lady!


Lizzie Roper

A wonderfully diverse & talented actress with a background in stand-up comedy. Excellent character reads & straight promos alike make this experienced voice artist a must for all your voice over needs!


Jayne Sharp

Bright, cheerful & direct with a slight Northern lilt. Good singsong straight reads. Brilliant creative writer and a joy to work with.


Jai Simeone

AUSTRALIAN. A young, lively, musical voice, ranging from bubbling enthusiasm to laid back friendliness.


Lisa Snowdon

CAPITAL RADIO BREAKFAST SHOW A bright & smiley girl-next-door with naturally sexy undertones.


Ania Sowinski

A truely natural voice. Clear, husky and engaging. A huge range from young and street to sexy and sophisticated. Wonderful for promos and continuity.


Maggie Steed • NEW

Maggie is one of the UK's great character actors. Smooth and stylish with gravitas. A joy to work with!


Catrin Stewart

A youthful, fresh and vibrant voice. Incredibly natural and appealing. Native Welsh but perfect RP.


Claire Sturgess

An upbeat, bright & smiley voice with good range from clear & informative to confidently sexy. Incredibly professional & versatile - a definite one-take wonder!


Melanie Sykes

Quirkly sexy, native Yorkshire. Widely recognisable.


Margherita Taylor

A smiley, husky voice that brims with confidence. Enthusiastic, happy hard sell & great promos. Hugely experienced. Margherita was inducted into The Radio Academy Hall of Fame in 2013.


B Traits

Radio 1 & 1Xtra. Canadian - bright bubbly and very smiley.


Flora Tregear

Warm bright and smiley with great storytelling reads.


Lucy Tregear

A lush, low and warm voice with authority and sensuality. Intelligent and reassuring reads for commercials and narratives alike.


Jo Whiley

RADIO 2 - Deep, laid back & friendly with an intelligent smile. Conversational soft sell & great album/club promos. Hugely recognisable.


Laura Whitmore

MTV & ITV2. A bright, bubbly and vivacious voice. Native Irish.


Jane Whittenshaw

Warm, generous and friendly with huge experience & versatility. Great age range from cheeky kids to crumbly grannies, and a huge range of accents. An all round talent and a joy to work with!


Emma Willis

Emma Willis is gorgeous, cool, fun and a total natural. She is currently the host of Big Brother’s brilliant spin-off show Bit on the Side, which she presents live, on Channel 5 and also presents Heart FM with Stephen Mulhern on Sunday mornings.


Holly Willoughby

This Morning, The Voice, Celebrity Juice and Surprise Surprise - Bright, fun and a truly uplifting voice. Hugely experienced and a joy to work with. Full show reel on the way.

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