Kid's Voices

allboys • girls

Charlotte Brimble

A young, fresh, sassy, sexy girl. Great reads from straight to street.


Francesca Fospero

Bright, smiley and very clear, Francesca has a naturally RP voice but is great at US accents too.


Baylee Frank

Baylee is bright, clear and smiley. Great US accents. Baylee is currently voicing the character 'Skip' in the new Nick Jr animation 'Zack and Quack'


Jessica Hann

A lovely, bright girly voice. Good for kids and young teenage. Jessica has played Evie in 'Mike the Knight' from the start of the show, so has lots of experience in animation.


Willow Harrison • NEW

Chirpy and smiley with a little bit of huskiness. Very natural and lots of fun.


Gemma Harvey

Young, bright, cheeky & very natural. Native Cheshire but all Northern accents & good RP. Great animation experience.


Flora Tregear

Warm bright and smiley with great storytelling reads.


Jane Whittenshaw

Warm, generous and friendly with huge experience & versatility. Great age range from cheeky kids to crumbly grannies, and a huge range of accents. An all round talent and a joy to work with!

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